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Developer How To(s)

Here you can find an ever increasing knowledge base of questions & answers to specific development questions.  The answers will be short and point form.
This is a very new page, so forgive its emptiness. The place with the most technical information is the Developer Guide

  • Every card has a "resizeCard" handler which runs at the end of the resize Stack handler.  Add your code there.
  • to add code to all cards use the "ResizeCard" handler in the behavior of cards
  • You can also use the "CustomFinalResizeSteps" handler in the "Start Here" stack

  • SetNavigationState "None" | Will hide the navigation bars
  • You can use the "Custom Navigation" group in the "Shared User Interface"
  • The RefreshMe handler of group "Custom Navigation" of group "Shared User Interface" lets you define how the navigation is refreshed.
  • The ResizeMe handler of group "Custom Navigation" of group "Shared User Interface" lets you define how the navigation is resized.
  • The boiler place present there is to include the ability to add AppStarterStack Controls and Buttons.  You can copy button or component groups there, and the standard MySize, AlignMe custom properties are read.
  • Or ignore the boiler plate and customize the behavior

Change the IDERearrange handler in the "Start Here" stack script

  • go to card "Blank"
  • type "clone this card" in the message box. (Make sure AppStarterStack is the target stack of the messages)
  • You have to collapse and expand the AppStarterStack stack in the project manager to see a correct copy of the card
  • rename the cloned card to the name you need using the property inspector
  • now add your controls into the "Card Content" group of your new card (Please see developer guide to learn how to add controls that respond to resizing the stack)

There are a few places where you are able to change the overall appearance of the stack.  Most appearance related code is found in the behavior scripts of these elements in a handler called "RefreshMe"

To change the way navigation bars look:

  • view the video tutorial and edit parts of the handler SetAppStarterStackDefaults of stack "Start Here"
  • also you can edit the RefreshMe handler of the behavior of navigation items

To change the way that AppStarterStack buttons and "Master Controls" look like:

  • edit the RefreshMe handler of the their behavior script.

Doing this will help you to get familiar and discover how the stack's code is set up.

All of the major code that deals with the functionality of controls (which are all livecode groups) are found in the behavior scripts of the objects.

These can be accessed by right clicking a group and "edit behavior script"


All of the stacks behavior scripts are found inside buttons of the card called "Resources".

By looking at these, you will see places where you can drastically change how controls look and function.

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