Application Starter Stack for Livecode


Check out the tutorials playlist on Youtube.  The AppStarterStack has 100s of features, and this playlist will contain all of the tutorials we have made thus far.  This will grow on a daily/weekly basis for a while.

Application Example 1 : LC Benchmark

In this video demonstration we will build a Benchmarking Tool for Livecode using the AppStarterStack as a starting point.

Downloads will be available after the application has been completed.

Application Example 2: PhotoCanvas

Coming Soon
In this video demonstration we will build a full product from A to Z.  We will build a tool to create Photo canvases, print them on-demand, and ship them anywhere in the world.  All using Livecode, the AppStarterStack and the API from

Have Ideas?

Do you have ideas of application we could build  to demonstrate Livecode together with the AppStarterStack?

Let us know

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