Application Starter Stack for Livecode

Licensing The AppStarterStack for Livecode

When you purchase a license for the AppStarterStack you will receive:

  1. The AppStarterStack Demo .livecode file (which builds to all platforms)
  2. Access to growing library of videos and tutorials.
  3. Access to the AppStarterStack Developer Guide document.
  4. Access to private GitHub where the script exports of the AppStarterStack will live. (This is the repository where we will add features, handlers  and bug fixes to the code.)  Each pull request will be well documented so that you are clear what has changed.
  5. * A 60 minute live on-boarding session where I help you get started on your project. (Can be used for support instead of on-boarding)
  6. Optional service contract to work with you and/or your team.

* The onboarding session is not included in the Livecode 2022 MegaBundle License.

In June of 2022 Livecode Inc launched the 2022 MegaBundle sale.  We agreed to include the AppStarterStack as part of that bundle.  Click Here for licensing details for this special offer.

Build a Custom License Form

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